1. Know what you are buying – study the company that you have intentions to buy. Read reports on them and read the company’s Financial Statements and Balance Sheets carefully.

2. Buy with the mindset of Investing – Never buy stocks with the intention of contraing it off within the contra period It is very difficult to catch the market movements in 3 to 5 days. If there are substantial profits in the first 3 days, just take it as a bonus. But if not, always be prepared to pick up stocks. This will ensure that your decision making process will not be blurred by greed.

3. Try not to buy stocks that are too “penny” – obviously, they are “cheap” for a reason. Good things never come cheap.

4. Read your charts carefully – read and study the movement of the stocks in the past.

5. Select a good industry sector to ensure that you will not spend too much time waiting for the stock to rise.

6. Manage your risks and capital – do not over invest, there’s no sure thing in the market.

7. Seek profesionnals’ advices and opinions

 Happy trading