Price may attempt to test resistance at the top of the channel which
happens to be close to the 200 days MA as well. If the resistance is broken, it will break the recent downtrend.

MACD Diverging, attempting to cross over the baseline.

RSI gaining strength

Key ratios:

PE Ratio

Company             33.2x

Industry               33x

Market                 19.8x

PB Ratio

Company             15x

Industry               4.7x

Market                 2.8x

Future ROE (3yrs)

Company             27.0%

Industry               13.8%


Company             44.5%

Industry               13.8%


Company             29.0%

Industry               8.9%


Last Year              26.0%

3 Years Ago         11.3%

Debt Level: AMD’s debt to equity ratio (4.2%) is considered satisfactory.

Reducing Debt: AMD had negative shareholder equity 5 years ago, but is now positive and has therefore improved.

Debt Coverage: AMD’s debt is well covered by operating cash flow (747.8%).

Interest Coverage: AMD’s interest payments on its debt are well covered by EBIT (53.4x coverage).