Price of AAPL has hugged the 200 days MA in the last two weeks. However, over a longer time frame (Since September 2020), an ascending triangle seems to be forming with higher lows each time. The support of this triangle has been tested 5 times (currently the fifth time) and the resistance tested 4 times.

I think the price may have entered into a consolidation phase since September 2020 when a new high was established. Since then, the price has traded at a range of $105-$144.

Based on the fundamentals of AAPL, with the ability of the company to constantly drives new products into the market, and not forgetting the group of consumers who are extremely loyal to AAPL, the price should stay supported. We are heading into the second half of the year and the new iPhones are expected to be launched sometime September or October to capture the year-end holidays season, it might be a good time to position into the stock now.

Strictly my views and please do the necessary due diligence. The above is purely for informational purpose and not to be mistaken for solicitation to purchase AAPL shares.