2021 mandatory convertible bonds


SIA is issuing rights to a 2021 mandatory convertible bond (MCB) to raise S$6.2bn.

Bond terms. The MCB is a bond that will be converted into SIA shares upon maturity. Existing shareholders of SIA are entitled to 209 rights 2021 MCBs for every 100 SIA shares they owned before 27 May 2021. Issue price is S$1 for every 2021 MCB. The MCB is a zerocoupon bond maturing in nine years’ time, on 8 June 2030. Conversion price upon maturity is S$4.84 per SIA share with a final accreted principal amount of S$1.69797. This translates to a cost per share of S$2.85 when the MCBs are converted into SIA shares. SIA has the option to redeem the bonds early.

What this means for investors. Every S$1,000 invested in the 2021 MCBs will be worth S$1,697.97 upon maturity. This will be paid to bondholders in SIA shares at a conversion price of S$4.84, which amounts to 350 SIA shares. This is equivalent to purchasing SIA shares today at S$2.85 each, or an annual yield of 6% if SIA’s shares are priced at S$4.84 on the maturity date.