Technical Trading Ideas – Broader
Recovery Plays Regain Traction
▪ DPIH – BUY, SL: MYR0.555, R1: MYR0.685, R2: MYR0.770
▪ FRONTKN – BUY, SL: MYR2.72, R1: MYR3.28, R2: MYR3.65
▪ INARI – BUY, SL: MYR2.97, R1: MYR3.39, R2: MYR3.60
▪ JFTECH – BUY, SL: MYR1.25, R1: MYR1.53, R2: MYR1.75
▪ KGB – BUY, SL: MYR2.03, R1: MYR2.38, R2: MYR2.63
▪ PADINI – BUY, SL: MYR2.79, R1: MYR3.12, R2: MYR3.32
▪ SDS – BUY, SL: MYR0.390, R1: MYR0.470, R2: MYR0.525
▪ CRUDE PALM OIL – Rebound set to be extended further
▪ KLCI INDEX FUTURES – Minor pullback, bias remains up