Energy storage becomes part of carbon reduction
■ The National Development and Reform Commission and the National Energy
Administration released a policy yesterday to promote the development of renewable energy by building up energy-storage capacity and investment in the power grid.
■ Energy storage can help solve the peak-shaving problem. The electrochemical
energy-storage sector is expected to benefit the most from this policy, and upgrading of the power grid is also expected.
■ We expect the battery supply chain, power transmission and distribution equipment, and energy solutions provider sectors to benefit from the policy.
■ CATL, EVE Energy [300014.CH], Shanghai Putailai New Energy [603659.CH],
Wasion Group [3393.HK], and Xinyi Elec Storage [8328.HK] are potential
beneficiaries of the development of the energy-storage industry in China. China
Tower’s [0788.HK] energy operations may benefit from the development of the
energy-storage industry.