We see blockchain technology as one of the most disruptive technology trends to emerge since TCP/IP and HTML ushered in the internet in the 1990s. While crypto currencies and NFTs have garnered much of the spotlight we see the application of blockchain ranging far beyond these early applications. Succinctly
put, blockchain allows for decentralized unique identification of any virtual or physical thing. In addition, because the blockchain is not centralized this information will be freely accessible to any human or machine without the need for a 3rd party. Among other things this means that logins as we know them effectively go away as do login authorities. This and other capabilities of blockchain have the potential to disrupt centralized control on the internet. Given the ability to identify and credential things we also believe blockchain is one of the keys to solving the problem of misinformation amplification. With respect to the Metaverse, fungibility of things across digital villages will also be important and blockchain is the technology that will allow for this. In this report we provide a broader overview of this technology as well
as a number of vertical industry examples that we hope will help readers begin to understand how blockchain might begin to transform industries.